Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Shakeology Experience

When I entered this Beachbody experience 2 months ago, I came in knowing about Shakeology.  It has a great reputation.  70 healthy ingredients in one glass.  Sounds great.....but how does it taste???  For a $130+ investment per month, I was terrified I wouldn't like it.  Guess what?  I didn't like it.  In fact, I HATED it! Oh. no!  My husband will never allow me to purchase anything again!  I HAD to make this work!  
Trial and error...those were my 2 experiences the first three days on Shakeology.  I had been told that almond milk was the best choice to mix it with.  I threw all in the ingredients in the blender and blended for about 30 seconds.  I'll rate them out of 5 (with 5 being delicious) Here's what I tried:
Day 1:  Chocolate Shakeology, Almond Milk, Ice
opinion:  Too thick, too chocolaty, too mediciny ;) Rate: 1
Day 2:  Vanilla Shakeology, Almond Milk, Ice, Frozen Raspberries
opinion: Too thick, too mediciny, too tart  Rate: 1

I knew it was time to try something else.  This just wasn't working for me!
By day 3, I decided to try mixing it with water instead of the almond milk.  It was a HUGE improvement for me!  Funny that everyone says it isn't good mixed with water, but it was so much better for me.  I'm more of a smoothie person, anyway.  Thinning it down really helped.  Here were my next 2 days:
Day 3:  Chocolate Shakeology, Water, Ice
opinion:  much better consistency, still a little mediciny Rate: 2.5
Day 4:  Vanilla Shakeology, Water, Ice, Frozen Berry Mix (blue, rasp, and black)
opinion:  much better consistency, still mediciny, less tart (which is good in my opinion) Rate: 3
Now's when it really kicked in for me!  I started adding the powder to the water and blending for AT LEAST one minute.  THEN I would add my mix-ins!  Guess what that did?  It got rid of the mediciny (yes, I made up that word) taste!!! Once I added my mix-ins, I would blend for another 30 seconds or so and it was perfect.  Here's how I finished out that last week:
Day 5:  Chocolate Shakeology, Water, Ice, 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
opinion:  perfect for chocolate cravings, a little rich for post-workout Rate: 4.5
Day 6:  Vanilla Shakeology, Water, Ice, Frozen Berry Mix (bue, rasp, black) 
opinion:  PERFECTION!!!  Rate: 5

That was my experiece.  I know other people have other opinions.  Hey, I HATE fish and I know a ton of people love it.  Different taste buds.  I just wanted to share my REAL experience with it.  On the health end, here have been my findings 2 months in to Shakeology:
*I've lost 20 pounds!!!
*I sleep better (deeper sleep)
*my bowels have regulated
*I have SO MUCH energy
*My mind is clearer (I focus better)
*My kids LOVE it!!!  They add frozen banana to their Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

I am so glad this is now a part of my daily, post-workout routine! I LOVE SHAKEOLOGY!!!!
click HERE to give it a try for yourself!


Debi said...

Great post! You are so right about tastebuds. I didn't like it with just water. I LOVE the almond milk or an almond milk + coconut milk blend. I know you are allergic to bananas but I don't know what I would do with out my bananas in my Shakeology. Makes it so SMOOOOOTH!! That and PB2. That is my go to recipe. 1 c. almond milk, 1 c. ice, a BIG dash of cinnamon, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 TBSP PB2. Absolutely LOVE it. Miss it on the days I don't make it.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried shakeology but it is a pretty good review posted on www.trendingweightloss.com. I always go there first before I try a product.

The Stewart Stuff said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe Debi!!!